VBA Named Range

Naming ranges is a common practice for Excel users, and can be a convenient way to reference a set of cells.

Named ranges have some advantages:

DropDown Nomeados

Manually naming a range

  1. Go to the Formulas tab
  2. Click on Define Name
  3. Enter a name for the range in the field Name:
  4. Select the range of cells in the field Refers to:
  5. Click OK
Naming a Range

Naming a range with VBA

    Names.Add Name:="Sales", RefersTo:=Range("B3:E9")
    Names.Add Name:="Expenses", RefersTo:=Worksheets(1).Range("A2:F15")

In the above example, two named ranges were created:

To access or modify the contents of a named range simply reference it in text format within Range:


In spite of the common use of named ranges, we recommend whenever possible the usage of Set for Range, for the speed and the simplification of the code.

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