VBA Exercises

Why should I do VBA exercises?

Exercising is a great way to learn and retain content in a practical way.

Just like a new language, to create fluency in tongue you have to practice. With this, it will become more and more intuitive how to use the concepts in the corporate day-to-day.

This exercise section was divided into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced to guide you through the learning process in the most didactic way, with progressive challenges.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications® has a help function. To use it simply place the cursor over the part of the code that you are having difficulty and press

Enabling macros

Remember to accept the security warning in the Message Bar on the top of the plan to enable macros. If you desire to keep macros always enabled see VBA Enabling Macros.

Keep in mind that there are several different ways to solve an exercise. The solution suggested by SuperExcelVBA® aims to prioritize learning and to aid you to develop your expertise with the code and may not be the most efficient solution

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