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A hat store intents to make a Black Friday sales promotion. However, before lowering the prices, the store manager decides to adjust the prices up so the given discounts will not reduce the store's margin of sales by much. To do that, he decided that he would follow the following rules:

Initial Price (US$) Adjustment (percentage)
6 to 15 15%
15,01 to 25 25%
25,01 or more 35%

After these adjustments are applied, he decided that the Black Friday's discounts should be:

Adjusted Price (US$) Discount (percentage)
6 to 15 10%
15,01 to 22 17.5%
22,01 to 33 25%
33,01 or more 30%

The hat store manager has given you the task to calculate the final discount price of the products and to compare it with their original values. The items that actually had their prices lowered by the store's "discount" should be colored green.

Suggested Concepts:

Remember that in most cases there is more than one way to solve the exercise.

Hint: Make one Select Case statement for an increased final price and another one for a price with an actual discount both within the same For Next loop

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